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Mascot Tee

Show your support for your favorite Coffee Shop team!

Our Mascot Tee was inspired by a former local High School in Florence: Coffee High Yellow Jackets. With a name like “Coffee High” it was a no brainer.

We were going to do a summer 2020 t-shirt anyway but given the circumstances we are rolling it out early in an effort to support our staff, our team, your team. Without them we wouldn’t be TURBO. We don’t know how long this crisis is going to last but we want our staff to still be here when it is over. So here’s a great way to support fellow members of your community who can’t work from home, whose livelihoods depend on making you coffee.

This is a prepay preorder. Preorders will be taken up for the month of April and shirt shipments will go out beginning in May. 2 shirts ship FREE! 

Thank you for your support!


~unisex black cotton shirt~

Price: Regular price $25

Mascot Tee